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22:55, 08 January 2018

Aussie Millions 2014 Poker Tournament – $250K Challenge, Episode three | PokerStars

Aussie Millions 2014 Poker Tournament – $250K Challenge, Episode 3 | PokerStars

2014 Aussie Millions $250k poker challenge episode 3, See who wins the Aussie Millions $250K Challenge and $4M in prize funds. Featuring Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Mike McDonald and Ike Haxton.

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No matter how several poker tournaments you have played currently, whether you are a new player just receiving your feet wet or a seasoned player that has been playing for very a although, I know that you, like me, are interested in learning new poker tournaments approaches that will make winning poker tournaments a lot easier. That is why I know you are going to love this report.

The thing is, most players are playing poker tournaments all incorrect. They don’t grasp the major ideas that are critical for tournament achievement – the ideas that the true authorities and prime poker players teach. If you read and discover frequently you will get in touch with these, nonetheless most merely do not.

Respect And Poker Tournament Techniques

Respect is one issue that is usually misunderstood at the poker table. New players never even know about it, intermediates don’t believe it however the advanced poker players virtually base their whole game around it. Who do you adhere to?

Respect comes in many forms but the most critical portion is conveyed in your table image. Your table image is how you present oneself to the table, what they feel about you, and how much respect that creates in your opponents minds.

Think about this for a moment. Imagine if all the players at the table respected you hugely as a tight player. The flop drops 3 hearts, and you move all in. Are they going to think you have a flush? Are they going to want to even try to take you on?

Swap this up with a new player who goes all-in far to typically with a wide variety of hands. The flop drops and he moves all in. Now, do you think the other players are going to second guess him? Are they going to take a punt, see if they pull a runner-runner themselves? Perhaps.

Tight Imaged Poker Tournament Approaches

If you want to succeed in poker tournaments you require a squeaky tight image. This means that you play less cards, you play optimal cards, and you never play out of position. Getting a tight image is really crucial to winning.

When you have a extremely tight image players play differently against you. They are more probably to just fold when you enter a pot. They are a lot more likely to be scared if aces or kings drop on the flop. They respect you more.

The final crucial element of the puzzle is that you don’t usually have to be squeaky tight to have this image. In the starting you will be, and it is vitally essential you establish your self, your image, your rep and your respect properly at the start of the tournament. But moving on you do not have to be so snobby with your selection of cards – just do not let any person else know.

Imagine what it would be like to be capable to easily take pots, uncontested. How would it really feel to win blinds, antes and the like just by getting into the pot with a raise. Feel about how much funds you could make with no even requiring the best cards, or even a great hand.

I want you to recognize that just getting a excellent image is not going to all of a sudden win you each and every game you play, but it will certainly assist. There are a few much more essential points you require to be in a position to simply and securely win a tournament. I’m confident you are conscious that you will require to continue to find new info about poker to grow to be a productive tournament play.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. OhManMyBad says:

    "Phil Ivey MIRACULOUSLY wins the same event" oh really? I mean…I thought he was the best player in the world. Like you said 600 fucking times

  2. Parliament1mg says:

    Ike haxton played that heads up way to aggressively. Agreed, you need to be agressive but you got to be aggresive when ur opponent is weak.

  3. SN011GlobeTrot says:

    Am I the only one who cringes every time announcer calls him I-SAK?

  4. OceanTube says:

    the first girl talking is a hottie. damn i need to move to austrailia

  5. FullTimeSlacker says:

    Wow, I too can call all in whenever my hand is decent pre flop. Sign me up.

  6. konst1100 says:

    little does he know his commentating actually sucks balls

  7. Tito Maquito says:

    wow haxton fell apart heads up

  8. Dustin Platt says:

    Ivey had to of known he had AK. Why else 3 bet Daniel? He might of misread the board but no way he didn’t know he had AK.

  9. Shayne Sim says:

    Well done Phil

  10. Copainization says:

    Phil is a stone cold competitor.
    He acts little surprised at collecting the prize and even fumbles with his championship ring oblivious to the MC’s accolades.

  11. langa77777 says:

    Phil didn’t misread shit, he wants to maintain his strength and turning over the a 9 without a continuation river bet is weak as piss. That’s why they’re laughing, it’s table talk

  12. Jose Boy says:

    HAXTON….Rabbit……Play to Lotto….

  13. OceanTube says:

    these commentary guys wont shut up. they say exactly what obviously on the table. i wanna hear the players talking not u dummies. n they atent fun like stapleton

  14. Relaxation Soundwaves says:

    Goes all in with 8 7 you can tell this is fake.

  15. Anthony Mentalewicz says:

    worst feeling in the world is rolling over your hand… declaring flush or straight… then being wrong. happened to me once and I hope that’s the only time. Ivey shows that it might.

  16. ummerrahh says:

    They never showed the payout for second place.

  17. lari eros says:


  18. byung Park says:

    groom better Ike…damn…with all that $$$$ damn…

  19. Michel Jussiau says:

    phil ivey just run lucky over and over again thats all he does and haxton is a donk allin 87 agaisnt a limp

  20. Joey Mcafee says:

    it almost looked like ike purposely lost

  21. Dan Gream says:

    I feel bad for Melbourne too

  22. Milan Markovic says:

    Ivey is the king

  23. Ainsley Harriott says:

    What the fuck is with all these shoves by Ike?! Bro chill ur deep

  24. みやぞん says:

    78all in is just stupid

  25. Joey Mcafee says:

    wow ike u suck

  26. ToFinishFirst says:

    Haxton seems like a chill guy but his wife is insane.

  27. Mr Rogers says:

    *Daniel in thumbnail* = *click*

  28. Sahaj Jhanjhari says:

    Amazing play by Isaac haxton

  29. Cristiano Sterrelo says:

    Haxton is an idiot. Should have been Daniel in the final with ivy

  30. Johna Berdinaldt says:

    Yeah, who cares about 4 million $ when you had "fun"? :0

  31. Oppen_OW says:

    announcers dominating the game you can hardly hear the players talk to each other. awful broadcast.

  32. Lord Piggu says:

    is phil ivey a mk-ultraed victim, hes seems a lil slow or half retarded, doesnt say much either

  33. raj says:

    Idear huh.

  34. Tristan Dupeyrat says:

    Elle est bonne la blondasse.

  35. Tienes Un Llama Drama says:

    Big up to Mikes friends laughing at him for having a handbag when he got knocked out

  36. Milan Markovic says:

    Why dont you stare now you little Mcdonald bitch when Hex bluff you of the pot.

  37. Jackson Hewitt says:

    The commentators are fucking retarded.

  38. George Hypotenuse and the Triangles says:

    These commentators were terrible. They had absolutely no idea what they were talking about…

  39. Derek Hoyt's Music says:

    There’s guys playing for millions of dollars on tv. And there’s guys watching those guys play for millions on Youtube who talk a big game like they know better…… Sad Really lol….. I get it I prefer Joe Stapleton All Day…. I will say Haxton did get a little too crazy heads up but he won over 2mil so keep that In mind… Was a win win at that point.

  40. Ace Ventura says:

    jeez… Phil played well, but he was catching cards!!

  41. Kevin Wurst says:

    The People,who lives in USA or Great Britian always saying you know. you know, you , you know, you know, you know ,you know, you know ,you kno, you know….. it makes me nervous

  42. MrTenDollarMan says:

    When i see Daniel loses, i want to fuck every single of you.

  43. You're fired! says:

    Where is the "skill" here. They’re basically go all in with any hand. Maybe except Phil Ivey.

  44. Ace Ventura says:

    I think he wanted that ring more than the 4 mill.

  45. Alejandro Andretti says:

    The guy plays like I ifiot

  46. foodmore says:

    The most anticlimactic win ever.

  47. Ace Full says:

    no one has talked about iveys wife well I’d do her raw.

  48. Max Bauer says:

    This might be the worst coverage of a tournament i’ve ever seen. First they show Negreanu chip leader at 4.5 million, then they show two all in shoves between Haxton and McDonald, then Negreanu is magically the short stack. Their hand selection is absolutely terrible, and they don’t even mention important hands they don’t show.

  49. Luke Michael says:

    Why does Haxton bet all in so much? If it was me, I wouldn’t want to risk the tournament like that.

  50. cpowerca says:

    HAXTON is an aggressive player and ivey just let him bluff at him. LOL really HAXTON


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