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14:27, 15 May 2018

arctic monkeys 4 out 5 lyrics

arctic monkeys 4 out five lyrics

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Myles DeClercq says:

    David bowie?

  2. gabi s. says:

    Maybe it’s time to be more sophisticated haha… Actually I love the song it feels nostalgic

  3. Chris Kozak says:

    Stellar. I can’t not hear “Young Americans” in the vocals. Bowie’s death impacted the music world in a great way.

  4. Ollelmvg2002 says:

    I’ve got the feeling that this album is a tribute to David Bowie, this sounds amazing!

  5. Thomas Leith says:

    I have to admit that they look like total zoomers now but this is the best song of theirs for years😉

  6. Guste says:

    The new album is amazing, just can’t help missing the old arctic monkeys, sure I love change and love each album and the different sounds each bring but tbh the AM sound of sexy psychedelic rockers wearing leather jackets is my fave

  7. claudia ISAKI says:

    sounds a bit like a Last Shadow Puppet song

  8. Mike Schultz says:

    The lead singer should keep clean shaven

  9. DannyMeteora says:

    This is the only decent (and not that good) song off the album 😞

  10. the ace of spades says:

    Mini Mansions vibe

  11. Rory Womack says:

    Dylan changed and so did Alex.

  12. Janine Oliveira says:

    to me sounds like a little bit Bowie’s

  13. Armando Valle says:

    Damn. The only truly stand-out song in the new record. Picked up the record on Friday. Listened to its entirety about 5 times. Tried. Now this is the only song I listen to. I paid ten bucks for a single.

  14. WayneMac1992 says:

    A touch of MGMT off their new album not sure if I like it not as unique but still quite good since I like MGMT

  15. Cooper C says:

    I understand where the hate for the new album is coming from. So many people miss the old arctic monkeys and are dissapointed at the slow, piano-centric album with added people and missing members in some songs, but people have to understand as the band members get older and change, their style of music is going to change too and have to respect them for their decision to play what they enjoy. I dont like this album nearly as much as some of their old stuff, but I still really enjoy the stuff they’re providing. Even if you don’t enjoy this new album, you can still listen to their older music and enjoy the "old arctic monkeys" that way. Sorry for the paragraph of text.

    respect the band’s decision to play whatever style they enjoy/want, and if you dont like their new style then just listen to their old stuff.

  16. faris M says:

    I really do think this album is their most thought out. Not too into the musical side of it unfortunately, but the concept behind it is genuinely really interesting.

  17. J T says:

    This is bit shit ain’t it.

  18. Alan bird says:

    This song is really good! but the rest of the album is shocking!! Alex didn’t think about the fans it was all about Alex and a silly experimental desire making music that will more than likely be classed one the worst albums from recent times!!and he dragged the band down with him!! And am missing Matt’s superb drumming I bet he was bored out of his mind making the album!

  19. AnotherNightInNantes says:

    It reminds me a lot of Nick Cave and the bad seeds. I love it

  20. no one says:

    This sounds like the Arctic Monkeys fucked thw Doors and had a baby and that baby was shit!!!

  21. Cameron Fitton says:

    this is very David Bowie

  22. Pappa Sweets says:

    Only song worth listening to more than once on this album.

  23. frankibio says:

    They’re out of tune.

  24. Uxía Alonso Romero says:

    this song is Amazing and the entire album itself is very good you guys are just mean

  25. Johnny Galaviz says:

    Best song on the whole album. Hands down ✌️

  26. Matt says:

    why does this sound better in the official video clip

  27. Felix DVG says:

    Radiohead got a alot of hate when kid a for switching it up, it think it will be same for this album, but i love his album so fucking much!

  28. Joshua Smith says:

    Bowie… Is that you?

  29. melancholy. sorta says:

    Hopefully the rest of the album is this wicked

  30. Dominic Viner says:

    Bravo. New walk out song for my boxing. Believe in me

  31. John Tate says:

    Pink Floyd-ish, too

  32. Travis Botts says:

    The information action ratio is the place to go!

  33. Shannon Harris says:

    I got a feeling the cigarettes affected his voice, bet he can’t hit those high notes anymore

  34. ReubMann says:

    Humbug vibes…

  35. owlyuwly says:

    This album is growing on me

  36. Shannon Harris says:

    The new Alex looks like an ash tray with long hair that hasn’t slept since 2014

  37. I Stevens29 I says:

    They’ve really turned more into a blues rock band, I’m really liking it. Can’t lie, I do miss their old stuff

  38. Gabriel Irby says:

    This whole album is just the eagles’ hotel California, I love Arctic monkeys but this album ain’t my fav

  39. JakubW93 says:

    I didnt know that Robert DeNiro replaced Alex in AM.

  40. Craig says:

    This album fucking blows.

  41. stilltainted922 says:

    this sounds like haunted Pina Colada song

  42. Francesca Lo Casto says:

    i love this song omg

  43. leo says:

    you may don’t like the album at first but i think this is the type of album that you need to take some time to listen until you like it, cuz its an different album, you know?

  44. Vibe Zin says:

    Would love the instrumental to this XD

  45. alphakay says:

    It’s no 505, but I’ll give it a 4/5.

  46. ermanel says:

    Love this

  47. Brenda Marcial says:

    Ive been looking for the album for a fat second now and all I can look for is this song it’s still a good song though 🙂

  48. Michael J says:

    they kept us waiting several years and musical styles change but this album has me stuck in between telling myself that it’s trash and trying to convince myself to like it.

    I’ll be seeing them in July – fingers crossed that most of this new stuff is left out of that playlist.

  49. King Tabris says:

    Not my type of album but I love this song

  50. Taz Suttles says:

    David Bowie vibes. Great song


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