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21:00, 11 February 2018

A Day in the Life of a Specialist On-line Poker Player

A Day in the Life of a Specialist On the internet Poker Player

My name is Fernando aka JNandez87 (on Pokerstars), and in this initial episode I am sharing my every day routines as a skilled On the internet Poker Player. I am playing poker for a living now because 2011 and all through the years I created some valuable habits that I would like to share. I hope other aspiring poker players can benefit from it and uncover some inspiration.


Poker can be simple or hard – it is truly what you make it. There are a lot of basic rules and guidance on how to win. Well, how to win is a little up in the air (it depends on who you ask), but how to not shed is quite clear for everybody that knows is.

The basic reality is you can constantly stay away from losing extremely easy just by not generating truly poor, but widespread, poker mistakes. But 1st we have to know of them ahead of we can avert them, am I appropriate?

Typical Poker Blunders – Worst Error #1

The worst mistake you can ever make playing Texas Hold Em Poker is to not comprehend pot odds. Even if you can not calculate them at the speed of light but you must know of them and recognize them.

Pot odds can depict really a lot of what you do. If you play super-wise and strict you can comply with the pot odds path and often stay away from generating the wrong moves.

Widespread Poker Errors – Worst Mistake #2

Playing weak and/or marginal hands in early positions. Weak or marginal hands are poor hole card choices however do have their location in poker play. You can make these work with craft betting and just a small bit of lucky.

But you are going to be tough up in early position. You just never have any data, any area to maneuver, and no notion of what the true pot odds will be.

Typical Poker Errors – Worst Mistake #3

Underbetting the pot. This is a huge error to make. Why would you ever want to give you opponents a totally free shot at making a great hand?

You require to make your bets large enough to punish your opponents if they get in touch with. Hang on, you require pot odds to be able to do this correctly. Do you now see why pot odds are so important?

Common Poker Errors – Worst Mistake #four

A mistake we all make sooner or later is continuing to play beyond the flop with nothing – nada – zilch – no excellent cards. I never know why you would do this due to the fact you possibilities of winning are slim to none.

If you have a explanation for undertaking this, i.e. a semi-bluff, bluff, playing a draw and so forth then you pot odds will depict how you should be playing. If you truly have nothing at all fold your cards.

By now you are most likely realizing the secret message in this post, which is that pot odds count! Most of the most frequent poker mistakes can be prevented with a great understanding of pot odds, and how to calculate them in seconds (and yes I mean seconds). If you need help finding out this I recommend you go and uncover some help. I reveal how to do this both in my cost-free ebook and on my site but taking action and reading it is up to you.

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Alex is an avid Hold Em player. Shoot him an e mail at [email protected]

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  1. Trillionaire says:

    Can’t say I have seen a smoothie in a bowl before.. I feel like I have been missing out..

  2. Andrey Gabrelyan says:

    You lost alot of weight, you looks good

  3. Anderson Urbano says:

    Great video JNandez!! I will apply some of the concepts I learned in my own poker routine!

  4. dru713281 says:

    Wish I could see you in the gym I think I could make you into a muscle building machine. One thing about cardio is that your arms are just there , never engaging like the heart legs and lungs. What I see now is a body ready to move up the ladder and start doing more functional cardio that builds a better physique. the best part about machines is they are my target area, once I get people off those death traps they realize how even though they were putting in miles it did nothing to improve their strengths or body tone.

  5. Kevin Wang says:

    hi massive fan from China. great stuff. quick question, do you live in Switzerland?

  6. Vito Bellini says:

    You are not following a right diet! If you work out like thar and lose weight there is some wrong you are doing about your diet

  7. Good Egg says:

    Great video Fernando! Really loved seeing this. It is inspirational I hope you know that. 🙂

  8. Felixon says:

    87 chests tho…

  9. Brian says:

    Love it man, you give great advice. Just by starting your day off positive and by doing the right things it can really change your mind frame which leads you to live a healthier, happier life.

  10. David Muhr says:

    Jnandez u r living my dream! In which country do you live, it looked pretty cold outta window.

  11. Martin Mitev says:

    Interesting video! I also start the day with exercises and protein shake. And your place is really nice, but WHY IS IT SO EMPTY? You handsome and succesful, time to find a woman ;P

  12. Rattletrap K says:

    0:59 "this is my water intake". come on fernando, we are all adults here. just tell us it’s your pee jar. and his name is mr. tinkles.

  13. Just Call says:

    Hi there, i purchased the PLO University 4 months earlier but i just decided to go through it. With the new lab that was released later, do you think the PLO University is still valuable and reliable source to master the game, or i should switch to the lab. Thankyou.

  14. Mario H says:

    really motivational thx!

  15. Ertunk1 says:

    Great video Jnandez, I have a question : Before you start grinding do you have a warm up session like 5-10 minutes where you review some hands or watching a short video or else ?

  16. Sam Madeley says:

    paco de lucia is the shieetttttt

  17. Ryan Oreily says:

    To healthy life. Poker needs more rockstars.

  18. SmilingKnight says:

    Ian needs to start a youtube channel and coach other hamsters how to live.

  19. Bas Breedveld says:

    Love this type of videos. Shows how much of a Professional you are. Respect. It also made me think how much more room there is for me to improve.

  20. vlada995 says:

    Yo nandez i started playing PLO recently after watching ur videos. I hate 4betting aces preflp and not hitting set against one or 2 opponents .Betting the flop u are actually playing ur aces as a bluff and if u check it you show weakness.

  21. Rob Rich says:

    Not the “day in the life” I’m used to with poker pros… Very refreshing to watch! 👍

  22. Jan Bartáček says:

    we used to play hyper sngs back intime, good times… tbh I am kinda surprised u didnt mention any meditation or primed mind technique ?

  23. Luke Grant says:

    Might have missed it but that’s the name of that app? Looks cool and could be useful. Thanks in advance

  24. Clayton Brehm says:

    Love this!

  25. paulo drichard says:

    more of this type of videos please! gl 🙂

  26. Carl Felstiner says:

    Saying "6am in the morning" is redundant. Either say "6am" or "6 in the morning".

  27. stkfr says:

    Love your life.

  28. Psychedelia says:

    What about the cookies that you ate off the camera lol

  29. oakleysee says:

    really like this type of vid, plz keep it up!

  30. Clap Forboobies says:

    Technology is really turning us into automatons- brush teeth, drink water

  31. Crazy Eddie says:

    nice video once again, what else do you eat during a day and at what times? Do you drink coffee or it negatively affects your game?

  32. Neal Jaworski says:

    Is this the scum bag that screwed upswing poker?

  33. :v says:

    such an amazing video. waiting next episode :V

  34. Calvin Yong says:

    a lil jnandez is what i needed this mornin

  35. hodenbacke55555 says:

    Spielst du immer so viele zoom Tables gleichzeitig?
    und legend player bei Hearthstone?😝

  36. Yoon Kang says:

    Applying GTO concepts to daily life – true crusher

  37. tennisace says:

    Nice hamster.

  38. Kamino says:

    Why don’t you rent an amazon server with a TB of RAM and run monker on there?

  39. Phil lou says:

    Wow hahah the AQhh VS AA !!!! Nice vid Fernando 🙂 I like your vids

  40. The art of competition says:

    haha your approach to poker is very similar to mine. I have a similar routine and even a view to boot. Yours is much more hardcore than mine but i thought you were going to put morning poop lol…i think routine is extremely important to get a good flow in poker and stay grounded while playing, very well said at the 4 minute mark.

  41. ezra cyr says:

    I like this style of video

  42. NolsMix1 says:

    day in the life vids are the goods jnan! thanks!

  43. Ryan Oreily says:

    Open your chests! Frives me crazy to see all thoose unopened!

  44. Andreas Froehli Poker says:

    6 tables Zoom! Sick grind 😉

  45. MTG Mitch says:

    new house looks awesome. standalone or is it a condo?

  46. Danilo Ree Jones says:

    great video Fernando! Make more videos like this, a healthy routine is just as important as studying poker. Say hello to Brazil! Ps. search for Chorellha

  47. Brian says:

    awesome, for some reason I really liked that view of your back yard. It looks like something out of a country picture.

  48. yellow6100 says:

    You forgot about the part of the day where you mentally and emotionally prepare to open pokerstars chests . OBVIOUSLY you just forgot about that great privilege and joy.

  49. Kid Ale says:

    Whats the name of the morning app ?

  50. Jeremiah Williams says:

    11:30 brzanini has an 8k stack and is limp/calling 4bets. truly a great game 😀


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