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18:44, 15 May 2018

2015 Super High Roller Bowl | Episode six | PokerGO

2015 Super Higher Roller Bowl | Episode six | PokerGO

The final table of the first Super Higher Roller Bowl is set and $21.5 million up for grabs. Brian Rast holds the chip lead, but Scott Seiver and former brief stack Connor Drinan are within touching distance.

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Об авторе: Mr JackPot 888

Обсуждение: 27 коммент.
  1. IIIrandomIII says:

    Peters got so unlucky…
    but with the straight chop board, he could have done a really thin value bet as caveat against full-house bluff… idk, just my opinion.

  2. marko SRB says:

    Lol how about going in order

  3. B. Alvn says:

    nice upload…thanks a lot.

  4. eddsterrr b says:

    Why do they have Sylvia doing the commentary??? Hes just a nit

  5. ionisius says:

    yay second to comment

  6. miklas1911 says:

    Blanconegro played that A8 hand so well. Crazy stacked FT, as you would expect for a 500K BI.

  7. Curtis Payne says:

    In fact, you have less subscribers than most of the vloggers, if that doesn’t prove my point I don’t know what does. I’m no longer one of those subscribers. Thanks for media over 3 years old that everyone has already seen or heard of….. change the business plan if ya dont want to be the most hated part of poker

  8. Akash Multani says:

    Great video Daniel, thanks for the upload! I know you already decided that check call was the best way to play that river, but what were your value targets when you did lead out? Cheers

  9. Yoon Kang says:

    Fuck Tom M just ends up with the perfect river and perfect hand (blocking flushes, straights, has v few bluffs on this river) to bluff D peters off marginal SDV once Tom combines the run-out with the fact that D Peter checked river and realises AQ hi is no good – bluffs close to perfect size too

  10. jim smith says:

    The commentary is apparently designed for people who have never seen a poker table before. PokerGo fuck yourself.

  11. Carson Davis says:

    I’m 17 minutes in and so far it’s been painful to watch Peters play except for that last bet he bluffed which got thru. Actually every bet so far on the river has been a bluff… just gotta call these crazy peeps

  12. dylan karavadra says:

    where are episodes 2-5???!

  13. IfingerblastGranny's says:

    Seiver is such a Penis head!…..

  14. mugichapanman says:

    somebody overvalues AQ

  15. Partial says:

    Why upload episode 1 then the final one??? PokerGo is still such a stupid idea – trying to milk money – limiting the expanse of poker to the wider audience

  16. C. Travis Mitchell says:

    epic A8 hand by Drinan. Really great play.

  17. ryan lally says:


  18. speebyda says:

    Everyone out there complaining about this going from episode 1-6. this is a poker streaming service that you pay a monthly subscription for. You want to see episodes 2-5, pony up the 10 bucks. Hell try the 1 week free like I’m about to do. Might be worth it. Netflix of poker may be fun. And no, I don’t work for them, I just hate people whining about shit they can fix themselves.

  19. John Doe says:

    Pretty sure I’d lick dealers asshole

  20. Ozymandias says:

    around 12:32, in Marchese vs Peters…Peters doesn’t even bother to look over to Marchese who was blinking like crazy

  21. Jordan Gerrity says:

    Same thing everyone else said, how do you go from episode 1 to 6 skipping 2-5

  22. Joshua Forbes says:

    she’s everything but funny…

  23. Lyusscord 1 says:

    Где эпизоды со 2-го до 5-го?

  24. Curtis Payne says:

    3 years isn’t really great for advertising. Seems like you don’t want subscribers to poker go. It’s been up for 3 years and I haven’t seen why I should fork over the dough. $120 a year is way to much for something we have always got for free

  25. Giancarlo Disalvo says:

    Sylvia and Scott are fantastic

  26. Yijun Lin says:

    lol, skipped episode 2-5 but still thanks for uploading this one

  27. andrew anievas says:

    damn. Drinan literally took Peters out of the tournament after that miracle 10. 2 hands later and he’s done. that’s poker folks!..


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