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8:33, 15 April 2018

£1725 vs Online Slots – Cashout Quest

£1725 vs Online Slots – Cashout Quest


Join me at rizk for a 100% deposit bonus!


Terms apply, see further down.

Making use of the link above to sign up supports my channel massively and i truly appreciate it!

This video is intended for viewers more than the age of 18.

For aid and suggestions with any gambling connected problems, please visit


Welcome Bonus Terms:

I’ve set you up with a tasty one hundred% Welcome Bonus, which means I’ll double any deposit you make from £10 up to a maximum of £100. But that is not all, I will also add 50 Additional Spins on Second Strike on top. Here’s how straightforward it is:

If you deposit the minimum £10, I’ll double it so you have £20 to play with plus 50 Further Spins
If you deposit the maximum £100, I’ll double it so you have £200 to play with plus 50 Extra Spins
The 50 Additional Spins will be distributed over the course of 5 days (ten per day for the following five days after you claim your Welcome Bonus). You will find ten fresh Extra Spins on Second Strike each and every day from 11:00 GMT in your account in the Rewards Section. Merely log in and claim them inside 24 hours for your further possibilities of winning. Your Additional Spins will be offered as follows:

Day 1: 10 Extra Spins on Second Strike
Day two: ten Further Spins on Second Strike
Day 3: 10 Extra Spins on Second Strike
Day 4: ten Additional Spins on Second Strike
Day 5: ten Further Spins on Second Strike

Wagering Requirements:

It’s very crucial that you realize how Wagering Requirements perform. When you make your initial deposit and claim your Welcome Bonus, the total amount (deposit + bonus money) is combined and a wagering multiplier of 20x is applied. This signifies that you have to wager the deposit + bonus 20 instances just before the money becomes withdrawable.

The “Balance” tab in your “My Account” section will show you how much cash you have available to withdraw, how significantly you have in Bonus Cash and what your total balance is.

Terms and Circumstances:

– Minimum deposit is £10 and the maximum bonus amount is £100
– No cap on winnings or withdrawals
– Additional Spins will be unlocked at 11:00 GMT the day right after the Welcome Bonus is claimed with 10 Additional Spins available per day for the 5 following days
– Added Spins are valid for a period of 24 hours only
20x Wagering Requirement on deposit quantity + bonus quantity within 30 days
– Max bet £5
– Deposits by way of Skrill (Moneybookers) or Neteller are NOT eligible for the Welcome Bonus

For complete specifics of our Terms and Conditions click here: and navigate to the welcome bonus terms.

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  1. carlos bones says:

    was not expecting that cash out nice one bro

  2. samantha last says:

    Awesome end to the video mate

  3. soSAMuk's UK slot channel says:

    Great video as always

  4. Mike Skinny says:

    Nice one mate! Still think your DOA wildlife is massively overdue!

  5. nicholas tandy says:

    Nice Craig 👌👍

  6. Paul Woodhouse says:

    Boom Fruit Warp pays for a flamin change lol 🍒🍌🍊

  7. phill aka froggy says:

    Craig how do I send you a screenshot ???

  8. S M says:

    Nice cashout, seemed a bit of a slog with the amount of wagering but pleased you cashed out after going down to £400.

  9. George Woods says:

    Nice one 👍 I sent you an email about footy shirts, let me know ☺️

  10. stonersid says:

    love it mate, nice cashout too 🙂

  11. Capn Birdseye says:

    Looks like you tap danced right through the minefield this time.😆😆😆😆😆😆

  12. DMB Animations says:

    not the first time youve had a mouth full of Grape Craig 😉

  13. David Wallace says:

    Great video as usual Craig. Got some secrets of stones picks for you 18,8,3 hope it’s a big win.

  14. stephen davies says:

    I’ve lost thousands over the years with dogs and horses ,thank fuck slots do nothing for me , don’t get me wrong I really enjoy watching the streams, what ever money u get by way of affiliates is well deserved, I don’t think the watching public realise how much you’ve got to put in to these slots,£300 to get a poxy£20 bonus , yeah sometimes u hit a big one ; but generally there shit ,,,,,, best wishes Graig be lucky👍👍👍👍

  15. jay jay says:

    Nice bit of profit for a change matey well Done 🙂

  16. Darren Clarke says:


  17. Sindy-lou Black says:

    Woman are not food,,, depends wot your eating lmfao! ,,

  18. MegaStreak HD says:

    Good stuff buddy. Some really sweet hits. Keep the cash outs Coming.

  19. Ken Murphy says:

    Craig did you notice that on your second doa bonus after you locked in first women on the first row that all 4 wilds rolled on thru and just barely missed landing on every row! Just missed it there buddy!

  20. manic mania says:

    lol that "alchemy symbol" on that Ted beer shuffle was a bong Craig….!

  21. rab day says:


  22. tomtoon2014 says:

    Nice video as always Craig 🙂

  23. phill aka froggy says:

    Great entertaining session even using your 4g data to stream 😂 nice cash out at the end, sort if makes up for the other week 👍🏻

  24. russell campbell says:

    Great video and nice win if you had taken the 2 2k you could have treated your car to a nice set of
    3 A tyres, hope you don’t waste your winnings you should take out the missus for treating you to a sausage roll you spoilt bastard, please play bonanza next time it’s a great game to watch.

  25. Geordie Plays says:

    Great video and nicely rounded off. little concerning at the end when 200 just disappeared but ur a big boy now and who am i to judge lol. till next time. little sidenote, in the warp section there was some issues of audio repeat. dont know if that was at my end or a possible miss in the editing stage but just thought i would say in case your software might be messing up. anyway all the best m8

  26. Marky Mark says:

    Great win mate, brilliant vid 🙂

  27. Gary Altree says:

    750 in think u was

  28. TheMerlin1984 says:

    1.3k up. Gotta be happy with that bud. Good vid 👍🏻

  29. tjwookie says:

    thought you had blown your cashout, but what a come back, congrats Craig!

  30. Melly 21 says:

    Hey he is back finaly. I wish you the best of luck here.

  31. dean brooks says:

    shud ov stayed on ted silly girl

  32. matthew b says:

    fair play big balls lol another great vid

  33. Pammie Jones says:

    Gd video Craig love them xxx

  34. Niomi Stenson says:

    Bugger I was hoping for a bigger win than that at least 100x lol cheers for the mention…husband stopped me painting the babies room just to show me my pics….(didn’t f#$*ing help me when the vid ended though did he) haha 😂 them nums tend to work better in roulette…. 0 3 6 11 16 18 20 22 26 29 35 .. they are normally my faves on roulette, feel free to give em a bash… good luck Craig!! 🤞

  35. Henry DR says:

    You want a idea, give instead monthly give away, sometimes a bonus away. And say before the bonus starts, who is picked for that bonus, and the win of the bonus will be for that person.

  36. Greg Mathews says:

    So glad SOMEBODY on YouTube makes quality content

  37. BlurryyX says:

    fuck me checking my steam when u got message and only noticed u had steam open like 5min later the confusion :DD , great video tho 😉

  38. Pappy Pinel says:

    Craig mate very smart choice your finally using your head on your shoulders. Lol only kidding. Congrats. Cheers uncle pap

  39. TD1 Beast says:

    Bloody awesome.. can’t wait for the next video 😀

  40. kkrispy2009 P says:

    Very good boun,s craig . I always find captian bob never bouns good. If u want to share any wins with your subs on it lol

  41. William Irvine says:

    Great video mate keep it up

  42. REVOHD says:

    What a ending man !! Wish I had luck like this ahha

  43. Scott P says:


  44. Joe Hik says:

    Nice vid lad

  45. devil damo says:

    another good and you do a lot better when u start smaller stakes good cash out chuffed for you mate

  46. English Guy says:

    Craig.. on wild antics.. i had 75 bonus teases once.. i gave up, – never played it since..

  47. Tom Hartley says:

    smashin it lately m8 nice 1 😀

  48. Matthew Carrier says:

    Another good un chap

  49. Gary Altree says:

    Can i have 5 8 11 on gandolf picks next time u play craig cheers

  50. Yo Big guy says:

    Nice win dude next vid can u play RainbowRiches pic an mix on pots bonus love that game 👍


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