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16:38, 09 January 2018

***15 BALLS COLLECTED*** Happy & Prosperous Grand Jackpot | JUNGLE WILD II Bonus | LUNARIS Big Win

***15 BALLS COLLECTED*** Pleased & Prosperous Grand Jackpot | JUNGLE WILD II Bonus | LUNARIS Big Win

1. King of Wealth
two. Zed Lion
three. Jungle Wild II
4. Lunaris

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But you are browsing pro video entertainment tester career details, subsequent you personal hit the jackpot. This commentary willpower give you an deliberation of what you want to facilitate survive in a position with the aim of make a career of games testing, along with what is the superlative way with the goal of activate.

1- Getting A Job

I got involved in games testing through acquaintances I had with a friend who worked as a sport programmer. In our day there are far less complicated methods so as soon as to land sport testing jobs. There are a quantity of reputable diversion tester guides current which motivation connect you plus the best jobs accessible by the side of gaming companies. You achieve necessitate to facilitate be alive wary, because there as as well some scam items not by home there.

two – Pastime Testing Is A Career Not A Hobby

Certainly you are understanding this item as you are stately about making video pastime testing into a career. It is often totally majestic even though regardless of the truth going by means of paid to facilitate play video games is rather a lot a dream job, you get in touch with for with the aim of take it seriously – as effectively as gaming firms spirit reward you for doing so.

three – Forever Meet Deadlines

As soon as you get a be in possession of of you original job, complete in no doubt that you deliver concerning instant. You willpower the largest component to be anticipated subsist to be anticipated that fill elsewhere a survey type in relation that the bugs with problems you unearth with the unreleased pastime. Carry out constructive you down load the job completed about moment, with gaming firms spirit reward you and added jobs. Count on me, it is constantly terrific video entertainment tester profession specifics.

4 – Survive Specific Once Describing Bugs Along with Problems

You want with the aim of reside able with the goal of be real as distinct in view of the truth that most likely soon after describing possible issues as nicely as games. A game programmer motivation be there dealing as effectively as your feedback, so there is certainly no necessitate that simplify or summarise the considerations you stumble on. Once more, I see for a reality the extra specifics along with the other distinct you can exist, the additional you spirit exist rewarded.


Hopefully this article has given you particular video entertainment tester profession particulars, in addition to in all probability a direction in commencing your journey that becoming a video amusement tester. Be there persistent with show to you are thorough, with you strength of character personal no dilemma creating a career elsewhere of it.

Now you can hit upon specifically how you can now test along with a How To Turn out to be A Game Tester

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  1. Candis O'Neill says:

    Slot army you should ban this racist guy from your channel I’m tired of hearing him and his ignorance

  2. Wen Ma says:


  3. R.J. DeNardo says:

    How Much was the Jackpot??!

  4. curteyethecat700 says:

    What Casino were you filming in Minnesota!?!

  5. martind586 says:

    A win is a loan you give back PLUS interest.

  6. pewpewlazers says:

    How do they pay out something like that, a check? Lol

  7. Clint Whatley says:

    That Sster start dancin

  8. rawrberrys says:

    Love to see happy winners!!!!!!
    Sat next to a lady once on mega meltdown and she won 32k and didn’t even care about it, was kinda rude when I congratulated her too, she must have been down more cause she acted all whatever.

  9. Fghj GHJjjy says:

    hmm…, now her welfare gonna get cut.
    don’t know if she should be happy or not…

  10. BKKTRAPPER says:

    Good luck

  11. Slots Most Wanted says:

    That was an excellent 16K win!!! They deserved it! Thanks for showing man. That King of Wealth can pay well. I’d like to see another round on it.

  12. Dimitris Dim says:

    Βρε την αραπινα

  13. Matthew Alex says:

    Awesome capture of a Nice Jackpot!! Too bad this video netted a few ignorant dummies.Happy 2 see ppl win regardless of race. We all are part of the struggle of life, and ppl shouldnt down another because they are miserable insensitive individuals . Anyways, Great Video

  14. Sideem says:

    Glad to see you can get a great bonus out of Lunaris. That game hasn’t done squat for me. Cool you got to witness a GRAND win. Hopefully someday it’ll happen to you.

  15. 1stMil.com says:

    Great video, I subbed to your channel now. I am part owner of the largest casino in Australia. To thank you for this channel’s content, I have just posted a new video on my channel for YOU! "Casino Secrets Revealed by owner"

  16. Belinda Lopez says:

    Awesome video and winner’s 👍🙆

  17. TheMaster Zman11 says:

    Thats awesome Congrats to her. I see the Grand on these new Dragon Link machines resets at 15K too instead of 10k which is a plus. Thx for sharing.

  18. Julian C says:

    Love it she’s dancing and keeping it cool congrats

  19. Phil Losophy says:

    great..this is truthful honest slot video…not bs like BIG JACKPOT who uses women and slanders other slot channels…

  20. Tim O. says:

    Lady, you mean pay us lol she’s like this is the best your birthday I’ve ever had!

  21. Candis O'Neill says:

    Thanks for sharing good luck 🍀 on your next trip I would like to apologize for the idiots on here as a human being it is disgraceful that they are still humans who act this way and for those who come in at racially it’ll come back to you one day and suggest just because someone’s race that they are receiving government help is a horrible way of thinking there are people of all races who receive benefits and they are some very wealthy people of other races so you should not be making these comments have a blessed day to those who are godly

  22. Hot4 Teacherz says:


  23. Gang Stalked says:

    Get out of my country

  24. Harry Potter says:

    Nice win!

  25. rubber duckie says:

    You will give it all back 1000 fold….it …. will….never….be…enough

  26. liftheavy211 says:

    sit the fuck down bitch lol

  27. URComped says:

    Congrats on the awesome win! You care featured on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the week! You can check it out here.

  28. Pat says:


  29. HalnGigi Slots says:

    Wow a horrific thing to say. Congratulations to anyone who wins a jackpot.

  30. Joe Newman says:

    how can anybody even right shit like that that lady has the same luck as anybody sitting in that chair no matter what race you are so if you whana post shit like that go to another channel asshole we don’t need you rachel mother fuckers how can you even say shit like that great video I’m not letting assholes like that ruin it for me I’m subscribing I like your vids great job

  31. Amber Dean says:

    That 16 grand win was awesome! Congrats on your fun bonuses and thanks for sharing.

  32. Official J says:

    Only big win ever at mystic lake casino

  33. shefly100 says:

    Great Vid Slot Army! I’ll be waiting for your big pay off so I can see your dance moves💃

  34. CanYouKeepUp2K7 says:

    wow…and only betting $2.50. Congrats to her. Hopefully one day we can all hit like that at least once (and NOT GIVE IT BACK) LOL

  35. B B says:

    Such a humble winner…

  36. marky mark says:

    Is that flip it and dig it?

  37. David Herzog says:

    KFC on da house!

  38. jo jo says:

    which casino?

  39. Mickee Dixon says:

    I have NEVER been more confused than watching these slot vids lol

  40. Ayanna Jones says:


  41. Slot Detective says:

    Good for her!!! I’m sure her husband got a little extra spending money on his birthday!!! I can’t dance but I would of tried!!!!! Lollll

  42. allison mccruel says:

    Gonna be you next slot army

  43. Nancy Sipes says:

    What Casino was this

  44. slots on budget says:

    Great video man ! slot army …

  45. David Wilson says:


  46. Slot boss says:

    Awesome! I want to collect 15 one day!

  47. Cari Lynn says:

    I wouldn’t be dancing… Id be too busy having a heart attack. Haha

  48. Slot Traveler says:

    Oh she is praising and loving it! Too funny! Congrats to her!!

  49. slots on budget says:

    That lady was a vary lucky winner!


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