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14:18, 10 March 2018

$1000 swings in No Limit Money Games! l Poker VLog 11 l Week 9

$1000 swings in No Limit Cash Games! l Poker VLog 11 l Week 9

This week was crazy swingy! Several money game sessions well more than three max get-ins, continuous coolers, and consistently not receiving there. I feel we did an awesome job minimizing losses and staying in handle, so I am super satisfied with myself as far as that is concerned. I realize this video has a quite massive amount of non poker related activity. I do my ideal to have a excellent time and show my lifestyle as a expert poker player in the middle of the US even though tying in 3-4 hands towards the finish of the video. If you get pleasure from what you see, please subscribe, inform your pals, and leave a comment! Thanks!!

Weekly benefits update:
Monday: +350
Wednesday: -50
Thursday: -329
Friday: +771
Sunday: +17
60k Challenge: +1655


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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. derreon richardson says:

    Bro did you play college football? You look familiar

  2. pfox164 says:

    What kind of dog do you have? I really like it

  3. inspirepaul says:

    It’s the first poker vlog i have ever seen and it’s great!!
    keep them going! 🙂

  4. Chris Grimes says:

    Unless I can get some live read I’m letting pocket JJs go there… he might of hit trip 9s or 10s, might be open ended, or a flush draw or even hit two pair!!! For him to push like that he is ethier already made or WAY to many outs… all you have is a pair??

  5. Matt Kewenig says:

    Another great vlog. Can’t wait to see the Vegas footage.

  6. Mike D says:

    No more herpe close ups please

  7. Adam Grose says:

    Love the vlog…..appreciate all the time & effort put into the vlog…….tear vegas up

  8. Leon Zhu says:

    dislike the content due to lack of poker hands, who cares about the hand results 2weeks after the video is released??

  9. Scott Mogridge says:

    Great content,what breed was the little calf?fold Your jacks,he has a set of tens and fold AK,he has Aces.good luck in Vegas.

  10. John Lenherr says:

    The white Dragon…

  11. Agustin Galindo says:

    Really – Really good job! – The content is improving a lot really quick – funny and very interesting.About the hands – JJ’s hand – fold / AK – either shove of fold – no fold equity if you just cold call the turn.
    Keep the grinding up!

  12. Anthony Frattin, artist says:

    JJ is a fold vs the super tight passive. Bottom of his range is 10 9 of hearts but he likely has a set prob set of 7’s exactly.

    Ak is a fold. Same player – Super tight passive has Aces!

  13. Sonny Bravo says:

    the only thing that beats you top pair of Kings is two pair or a set.  the board doesn’t leave me to think he had two pair.  Possible set, don’t think I’m folding there.

  14. mike long says:

    Realized I got both awk sauce hands right last week. Feels good to be shouted out and to know that I can read hands pretty well. I’ve played a long time and I’m usually profitable when I play. I’ve not been playing looking for work. I’m taking a trip next weekend to MD live casino for two nights. Hopefully I can turn some pocket change into a starting bankroll and I can make some things happen. Might start my own vlog if the next few weeks go good.

  15. ColombianCocaine says:

    Fold with jj

  16. Gazlack Productions says:

    Funny that your dogs name is odin as well as mine! curious to know why you named him that?

  17. hooper0412 says:

    Where are you playing in Vegas this week?

  18. D.W. says:

    Those Queens always kill you man

  19. #SomeDieNameless says:

    I think you have to call the 216, he most likely is on the flush draw, i think you would have definitely heard from queens or better pre, and if he happens to have a set already or two pair (which I’m really not sure how many combos he would really show up with here maybe 78s but i kinda doubt it) you are at least live. I think you’ve invested enough and you are getting a decent enough price. Make that call and ship that stack to daddy… a good percent of the time….

  20. Brent Roberson says:

    JJ is a fold. AK was a 4 bet pre and a shove or continuation bet on flop imo

  21. Sonny Bravo says:

    I call with Jacks,  you have back door flush and str8 draw with top pair.  I’m never folding.

  22. Julien Boisvert says:

    Bro i love your vlogs man. You are incredibly funny!

  23. rosenlefty12 says:

    I think i would call the first hand. Basically second nut over pair to call with. The best would be jj no heart. Still need to call cause of all the j9 combos we block and how many flush draw combos he likely has. Second hand i probably call call and expect to get shown aces alot. We’re just way too high in our range to consider folding here. We lose to exactly 4 combos. I know it’s unlikely hes bluffing. Just simply can’t fold here. However I think folding preflop is fine. I’ve done some analysis on spots like this with ak with other solid regs/pros. Can justify against super passive 3bet ranges that never contain bluffs.

  24. Stephen Flynn says:

    Call, call! Good luck in Vegas!

  25. Scott Smith says:

    My first ever concert Metallica in 93. Great vlog!

  26. ColombianCocaine says:

    Jam with ak

  27. Charles Mondon says:

    Of course it’s a call with the JJ, an over pair, gut shot and back door flush draw against a loose passive player who cold called twice preflop, he can have A10, A9, QJ, 8-9, 9-10, many hands that you beat, you are almost never crushed unless once in a blue moon he had 88, 77 or 7-8. Many more hands that you beat. You have to put 215 to win 615$ or so, so you need 35% to make the call which you definitely have, it’s a slam dunk call.

  28. Chris says:

    "I make my cottage cheese in a bowl" 11:19 paha

  29. Joseph Locricchio says:

    Not to be a dick, but I would like to see more poker/hand analysis, and less of the food you eat throughout the week. (And please don’t ever zoom in on you licking your lips while chewing, please, never, ever.) other than that, good content. Good luck on the tables.

  30. ron valentini says:

    You just won the award for best poker vlog intro.
    Nice ride the black attack.
    The steak, lord love a duck.
    Great vlog as usual.
    Sauce#1- fold it he has AA or KK. Dont get caught up with turd nuggets.
    Sauce#2- make the call. Shoot the moon.

  31. Pete KeepGoin says:

    I’m calling with top top on that board… He would’ve bet more after the flop if his had was really strong… They’re just trying to run u away from the pot

  32. Jason Cornell says:

    FUCK YEAH!!! MOTHER TRUCKING SLAYER!!!!!!! Reign in Blood

  33. lovethingsandsuch says:

    hand 1 fold hand 2 jam or call

  34. Global Copiers says:

    Kicking Monday in the ballsack 2nd TSHIRT fuck yeah…..lmfao

  35. mike long says:

    Hold up, ship it to daddy is an actual game now?😂 I was wondering what those guys were playing last weekend at the casino. You need to put the strategy book out asap so we can master this before the fish find out about it

  36. The Paperman Gaming says:

    What are the exact dates you are in Vegas? I’m there March 14-20

  37. Jared Fehrens says:

    Is that three handed game that you do the reviews on like a reenactment or is this footage of a real 3 handed game?

  38. 61YoureAllDone says:

    snap calling the 216 with jacks show me that flush draw. AK hand fold and show me that set!

  39. Jimbo b says:

    Dude move closer to a casino

  40. Rj Jamison says:

    2nd hand I lean toward squeezing pre but I jam on the king on the flop with the stack sizes, folding is way to passive, i think a call is ok, in position. If you look at is possible hands that have you beat. You said he was tight player, i don’t think he is three betting with pocket 4’s or 7’s, unlikely he has KK since there is only two combo of kings left with you holding one and one being on the board. Only hand you are worried about are Ace’s with you holding one there are six combos that becomes more unlikely as well. I put him on Queens, Jacks, maybe Tens but i doubt Tens being a tight player.

  41. Charles Mondon says:

    For the second hand, you can find a hero fold, your oppononent looks unbelievably strong even though you block him having an Ace. There’s only one combo of KK that he can have and 3 combos of AA. There’s a fair chance you have the same hand and there’s also a possibility he over values his KQs or even KJs, your hand is very disguised, it’s a call on the turn with the intention of caling on pretty much any river.

  42. charles says:

    I see that handsome dog! The "People" are pleased.

  43. Jose M says:

    YOu never mentioned the commenters or if our analizis of the hands was right. Was hoping to hear a bit more about it. Great vlog!

  44. manlyminnesotan says:

    Great stuff. I’ve watched you evolve quickly as this only being your 11th vlog! New subscriber today! Love the Awk Sauce segment as well. Kind of bummed that you don’t plan on vlogging anything while in Vegas. Some of the stuff that non-locals video there is some of the best poker content on the web. Enjoy the trip!

  45. mike long says:

    Hand one, I put him on kq hearts. I’d call and take my chances. 2nd hand it’s a shrug call I expect to see kq or 44/77 for the set.

  46. james pitchforth says:

    hi great vlog in the hands with the jj i’d call his weakness pre-flop tells me he shouldn’t have a big pair or ak aq aj suited,also if he has a big hand why all in,like hes trying to push you off the hand if hes nutted i think hes drawing and at best 50% your getting two to one on a call.if your inactment was real the way villain pushes his chips two you is sigh of weakness normally lol.hand two im shipping it his re-raise pre flop doesn’t look like 44 77 22 we have a blocker to the kk i’d put him on a range of ak, qk, jk, aa, qq,, jj, 10 10, 99 your odds are good again so push all in

  47. D.W. says:

    23:23 magic dealer button.
    Hand 1# there is only one way to play jacks and that is the wrong way. Fold to easy for him to be priced in to have the opened ended straight or heart draw.
    Hand #2 Call with top pair and kicker. Ace blocker helps a bit and at worst you run into and awkward set. Seems like he was trying to buy with a worse king though

  48. nick o says:

    The jacks I’m calling for sure. You have blockers for a straight draw and flush draw. You have the re draw for a gut straight and a back door flush.

  49. theillness76 says:

    Hand 1 call. Hand 2 reraise flop to see where you are.

  50. Curt Sheldon says:

    Awk sauce with AK….jam all in! Awk sauce with JJ…fold! Keep up the great vlogs!


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