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15:17, 12 March 2018

🚀 ROCKET MAN #WINS 🌙 5 Bonuses on Slots! ✦ Elton John + Walking Dead +++ ✦ Pokies w Brian C Slots

🚀 ROCKET MAN #WINS 🌙 five Bonuses on Slots! ✦ Elton John + Walking Dead +++ ✦ Pokies w Brian C Slots

🚀 ROCKET MAN #WINS 🌙 5 Bonuses on Slots! ✦ Elton John + Walking Dead +++ ✦ Pokies w Brian C Slots

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Videos are Edited by Brian Christopher and John Roberts.

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🚀 ROCKET MAN #WINS 🌙 5 Bonuses on Slots! ✦ Elton John + Walking Dead +++ ✦ Pokies w Brian C Slots

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. T L says:

    Didn’t know there was an Elton John slot. So glad. I 💓 Elton.

  2. BuddyLove 4000 says:

    Loved rocketman slot. Are there any left in Vegas?

  3. David Isaacs says:

    Eltonjohn is old but it doesn’t always pay like that good win good video😁

  4. Lavonne Gray says:

    Thank you Brian for showing me how to do slots ..I went to the casino today for a friends Birthday and was betting the same way you bet and ended up walking out with $ 300.00 ..I am addicted to your videos ,my husband even started watching …Your the best …

  5. fuzzy wuzzy says:

    did anyone else have trouble making this video go full screen

  6. Grant Ashmore says:

    Think it’s going to be a long long time

  7. Rene Lopez says:

    That’s a really good day

  8. Persia says:

    Awesome 👏.

  9. SunFlower Slots says:

    Very good win . We still love the hold & spin game. Congrats !

  10. Travis Peterson says:

    Best intro EVER!

  11. John M says:

    Isn’t it nice to get a bonus and forget you’re in a bonus…haha. I love it when that happens. Thanks for the videos!

  12. Sonya Keays says:

    If we had an Elton Machine that is all I would play. I love Elton

  13. Denise Brooks says:

    Nice win Brian. Congratulations

  14. Paula Hayes says:

    Hello Brian, is there anything you can think of to help SLOT TRAVELER from being shut down? Love your videos everyday kiddo!

  15. Kevin says:

    I’m going to be in Vegas in 2 weeks does anyone know what casino has a mega vault slot machine?

  16. Danny Gorham says:

    Must have more BC slot videos… Awesome win on Lightning Link man!

  17. Nick Giles says:


  18. fast fords says:

    Hey Brian fantastic win great video as always good to see you laughing and smiling and yes Rocket Man was awesome as well as Lightning game💝😚😊😎💋

  19. Sahara Love Tv says:

    Yayyy congrats! I love your channel…. rude! 🤓😆

  20. Pavel hi says:

    Hi! Excellent video! I love when still bonuses good)))) I Wish good luck!!!

  21. Nick Giles says:

    Its so cute how people get nervous when making the intro !!

  22. Lady Di Slots says:


  23. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    I didn’t know Elton John’s slot was still in the casinos!  Outstanding $350 win.  In fact, outstanding $1069 win on the day’s play. Good job.

  24. Zack Holt says:

    Hey Brian love you videos. I would love to see a video of you playing the “Miss Kitty” slot. Thanks

  25. Sunshine Girl says:

    Fun to see the Elton John slot…great video Brian. Hope you get lots more good luck.

  26. Sharon Hubrich says:


  27. Christina Reynolds says:

    Stop counting bad luck.

  28. Jeff Guttery says:

    I sat on a piano that elton john signed with a sharpy pretty cool friend of a friend

  29. WALL MAN says:

    Hey Brian. I love your closing song at the end of your video when you show what money you put in and your profit! What is that song???

  30. Jake Guerrero says:

    Brian I’m your number 1 fan…have you seen misery? Lol

  31. Kevin De Smet says:

    That Elton John slot is pretty dope, shame these slots tend to cash out less because they have to pay for that music license

  32. ralph didomonic says:

    there are days u do so well, I know not every session is a good money maker  but u do get ur share.  that last game was what made this video,  great win.  line em up   ralph

  33. Erica's Slot World says:

    Always great entertainment!! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️

  34. Garthman03 says:

    Etmahurd PvZ??

  35. david sanchez says:

    3 spins for the grand on lightning link was intense. Even though you didn’t hit that was a #delicious bonus pay. #rudie4life

  36. Connie Velasco says:

    It’s always fun to watch your vidios.

  37. Slot Queen says:

    BRIAN ! Did I see that correctly -….?? Plants Vs Zombies 🧠 !!!! I’m so proud of you 💙😂

  38. Psychic Gambler says:

    Awesomeness!!!!! Love and hugs Brian!!!!! ❤😘 XOXOXOXO!!!!!

  39. carol-ann garcia says:

    so funny im yelling back up spin lol you still have 5 more free spins lol good result Mr BC hugs from me in NZ

  40. Stay Positive says:


  41. Norah Anne says:

    Best Video ever . Thanks for sharing.

  42. Chakara Davis says:

    Nice brian. Is Alice enchanted mirror there at cosmopolitan

  43. Zizou Entertainment says:

    nice and im lv 600 in jackpot party app becouse i found a glitch for unlimited coins

  44. The Scratch Guy says:

    This is fun. New subscriber here. I go to the casino but thought we were not able to film Playing.

  45. Michael Baughman says:

    So cool to see you playing Elton John! I still remember my jackpot a few years ago. I got all wilds betting $1.50! Sadly, it’s nowhere to be found around me. I can’t wait to see him again this summer!

  46. Atom says:

    How do you not have videos flagged for music copyright? I love your vids!

  47. Claudia Irons says:

    WTG Rocket man!! Nice wins!! Thank you for the video! WIN WIN WIN!!! Payday!!

  48. Susie Smith says:

    That was great video! Remember those days when you dislikes Zombies vs Plants? 😊 Love Elton John!

  49. ItsOk ToBeWhite says:

    I thought the game was Kim Jong Un haha!

  50. Mike Gulliver says:

    Please bring back your full play videos, not just the bonuses, we want to see it all 🙂


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