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4:57, 09 January 2018

😂😛 National Lampoons Trip 💼 + Witness a Huge ZORRO Win! ⚡ ✦ 2nd Video Tonight!✦ Slots w Brian

😂😛 National Lampoons Trip 💼 + Witness a Huge ZORRO Win! ⚡ ✦ 2nd Video Tonight!✦ Slots w Brian

😂😛 National Lampoons Getaway 💼 + Witness a Large ZORRO Win! ⚡ ✦ BONUS VIDEO ✦ Slots w Brian C

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😂😛 National Lampoons Getaway 💼 + Witness a Massive ZORRO Win! ⚡ ✦ BONUS VIDEO ✦ Slots w Brian C

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Обсуждение: 35 коммент.
  1. Ringo Uoka says:

    Witness a huge Zoro win?

  2. Slot Queen says:

    You broke your rule on dancing drums, love it 😉😉

  3. sammy al-yemeni says:

    Play 88 fortune slot machine

  4. ralph didomonic says:

    there is a reason u never played vacation before,  it’s not a paying game. those licensed games usually don’t. buyer beware.    u had some otherwise nice hits.  that is where it’s at,   always fun to view u play.  ralph

  5. EnderBro Army says:


    To like my own comment 😉

  6. kenny Terry says:

    I feel like i already watched this

  7. sunshine girl says:

    Zorro was different.  Love to see you win but it’s usually on the same slots.

  8. Slot Traveler says:

    I like that you only went in for $100 on Lampoons, I feel it’s either you hit or walk away. And 20x on Zorro is "Huge"? Id say your Dancing Drums was juicy for the bet! Happy New Year!

  9. Kim Maloney says:

    Great video Brian! When are you going to start betting 88 cents on dancing drums? 😂 your $8.88 bet and won $488.00 and my 88 cent bet winning $432.00 What would I have won if I was betting $8.88? Now I kick myself in the butt thinking what could have been. 🤢

  10. zebra yellow says:

    What happened to you end results? I love seeing that part especially when you make a profit, yea!!

  11. Mrchrisdon says:

    look at you going for the 3 spins (great) lol I honestly expected you to go for the 15 spins lol based on past videos where you believe there is more chance for a re-trigger 🙂 well done

  12. deborah perryman says:

    Great video

  13. Bren Granate14 says:

    Make a video playing on sex and the city! Please! Kisses and good luck from Argentina!

  14. Vincent Vizzari says:

    Hi Brian, Have been following you for a while now. I’ve learned a lot from you and most of all, know when to cash out. I thank you for that. Today I won 3K on beating drums and another $900 on Walking dead. Also I didn’t Max bet before, too chicken, but it paid off today. Thanks again. Good Luck out there.

  15. Josh Moon says:

    @brianchristopher you’re my favorite ❤️

  16. Kman L says:

    Brian – saw you at the cosmo the other day doing a group pull (last Saturday the 23rd I believe). Didn’t want to say anything since you were busy haha. Did you post that one? Saw you got a huge win on one of the machines. Don’t want to spoil it, but couldn’t find it in your video list!

  17. Candis O'Neill says:

    Thanks for sharing 😍😁🤗

  18. Chris Krolack says:

    Lightening Links games are really horrible.Another great video.

  19. Allison Kelley says:

    Good morning!! Love your videos Brian! I’ll be at San Manuel today so hopefully I’ll be lucky 🍀

  20. NorCal Slot Guy says:

    Definitely you were feeling lucky on Dancing Drums!!!!! Congrats!!! Are you gonna be betting max and picking 3 spins, now???? 😉

  21. LINDA MOORE says:

    These new mach. dont pay. for $3.00 bet, gives you 96.00? thats not good.

  22. fast fords says:

    Good morning Brian your so delicious 😚💝😎😍

  23. Claudia Irons says:

    Thank you for the video! You sure made those drums dance! Win win win!

  24. fuzzy wuzzy says:

    I have really enjoyed all the videos this week

  25. pao-pao a says:

    Yass line it up

  26. Dejavu Slots says:

    Really nice on dancing drums I have had no luck on it for the longest. Thanks for sharing and good luck Brian hope more jackpots in 2018.

  27. Terry Funburg says:

    Good job. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Patti Smith says:

    Sitting at Turning Stone casino in Syracuse NY watching your video wins. 🤓. Great win on Dancing Drums, when you get a bonus on the drums, take the money and run is right …they definitely don’t come often .. won the Major JP on Lightening link yesterday 537 1$ a spin , LOL .

  29. Ryan Gutierrez says:

    Another awesome video ur the best

  30. Juan Bran says:

    Loveee ittt 😉

  31. Inujosha says:

    I was told that games like that (games that are themed off of a movie or celebrity) actually pay less because they are having to make up their money to pay for?the endorsement. Do you know if this is true?

  32. atimko4925 says:

    I miss the old closing music….sadness

  33. Diana T says:

    Great win Brian!! Happy New Year to you and Marco!!

  34. sandra valani says:

    Happy New Year’s Brian and Marco!!!! Thanks deeply for sharing all your d’lightful videos with Humanity!!! You bring a lot of joy to us and taught how to use the words Rude and de lic ious properly!!! May de Force spoil you both rotten with LOve and a nice brewski!!! xox

  35. ADHN-YTMF says:

    Looks like Jackie Chan in the background to the right of you. Lol


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