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13:16, 08 January 2018

🔴 Live Slots from Challenging Rock Las Vegas

🔴 Live Slots from Challenging Rock Las Vegas

Live Slots from Las Vegas

Price: $0.00
  • Play for FREE!
  • Massive multipliers!
  • Fast action!
  • Free bonuses every half hour!
  • Classic old-style 3-reel slot machine games.
  • Authentic music and sound effects.
  • New slot machines added regularly.
  • No Internet connection required. Play Offline!
  • Real Vegas casino odds.
  • Designed to work with Fire Tablets and Phones.

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By PatternPictures from Pixabay

Об авторе: Mr JackPot 888

Обсуждение: 20 коммент.
  1. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for a great afternoon of fun play. Kept me company as I did all my weekend stuff! Look forward to the next live stream…

  2. abandance helena dnk says:

    You called full screen free game …
    Wow.. always think positive and it comes food on you guys

  3. Drew Lucero says:

    That WAS AWESOME ⚫️📸👍👍👍👍📸⚫️

  4. abandance helena dnk says:

    Dan is very funny

  5. deborah perryman says:

    I enjoyed the long video, thanks so much for sharing

  6. Slot Queen says:

    Thanks for such fun !!!!! Love love love it !

  7. Sizzling Slot Jackpots says:

    Yes once when I picked the free games on lock it link I got 3 lock it link features in the free spins… then again I’ve Also picked the free games and got zero lock it link features.

  8. Pj Slots says:

    Damn I missed the LIVE play. What is your camera setup. It looks like you have a tripod?

  9. SLOT CHICK's HOT Slotting says:

    I haven’t watched videos in a few days and I come back to…..Hahaha!! Come Dan, shake your body, baby…do the Conga…..You are serious too! Awesome video!

  10. T House says:

    Nice video guys ! Loved all of Dans dancing . Lol Good luck on the rest of your trip !

  11. Anthony Cordova says:

    Thanks again always, Your channel is great, it appeals to a lot of us cuz we play the same way you guys do, the interaction that you have with all your followers as we’re live chatting as you read along, it’s all fun. When you get back home I do have you lined up for dance classes other than that, Keep rocking my Brothers🤘🦈🤘

  12. Wayne Bailey says:

    Loving your jig from over the pond in Bournemouth uk..:)

  13. BMisss says:

    I just love love loved……. The Chomp dance (2:27:10) from Dan. IT was So Great and funny. Thanks for the live play. I can not wait for the Next one.

  14. paul menifee says:

    I just sold my Harley..i just couldn’t look at it anymore. @SHARKSHUFFLE

  15. paul menifee says:


  16. TommySlots says:

    Another Great Video…You Guys Rock!!

  17. Poor Man says:

    If you can. Go live downtown. We don’t need gambling just would love to see it

  18. abandance helena dnk says:

    Scott with girlfriend?

  19. BBStarr44 says:



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