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3:21, 13 March 2018

💰👉CHA-CHING!💰🎰😜💲Big BONUS Hit + Higher LIMIT Slots ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

💰👉CHA-CHING!💰🎰😜💲Big BONUS Hit + High LIMIT Slots ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

💰👉CHA-CHING!💰🎰😜💲Big BONUS Hit + High LIMIT Slots ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

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* Executive Producer: Ed Simpson
* Producers: George W, Ryan H, Robert F
*Co-Producers: Zach H, Mary B, Brian F, Michael H, Stefanie M

Videos are Edited by Brian Christopher and John Roberts.

Music offered by NCS:, Adore U by Razihel

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💰👉CHA-CHING!💰🎰😜💲Big BONUS Hit + Higher LIMIT Slots ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

campaign The A292 is a dual-sim phone, which indicates it has slots for two separate sim cards. You can efficiently have two separate telephone lines on it “” one particular for business and one for pleasure. This is handy when distinct phone providers have different sales and gives. With a dual sim cell phone, you can get the greatest of two worlds, actually.
Getting a bit of a fashionista, I appear at the colours when I purchase anything. And I liked this phone mainly due to the fact it”s red. It has some black on it also, but it”s the rouge that did it for me.
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It comes in 9 languages: English, French, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Thai. It”s a bar telephone “” no flips, twists or slides, which makes it even much more solid. It has each audio and video functions, with 64 polyphonic ring tones, MP3 playback, FM, and stereo loudspeakers. The phonebook has room for 1000 numbers, and the alarm can be set to five groups. and as a standard keyboard input program and a T-Flash memory slot that lets you hold up to 4GB of information. It comes with a battery, a USB cable, a pair of earphones, a charger, and a manual. Other attributes located on the telephone are a calendar, a calculator, a process list, a currency converter, a quit watch, and a globe clock. It also has a melody composer that can add to your flair by letting you produce your personal ringtone.
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  1. Tonka Tonk says:

    I have a quick question

  2. Brandon Pet says:

    Dildo Shwaggins hits it big once again!

  3. Roy Goodhand says:

    5 credit offer? Rude.
    $1000 fireball landing? Delicious!

  4. Sunshine Girl says:

    Great video – enjoyed watching all these games. Good luck wishes to you. Thank you.

  5. Adam Ludensky says:

    Chaching Brian. Sweet win. Not rude at all. Congrats. Keep lining it up!!!

  6. spider88able says:

    hi brian you are the man

  7. Dancing Freak says:

    Good wins on the Dragon link, Double Top Dollar, and that last machine you played. I played Top Dollar at Seneca last Sunday, and I got the bonus. I was offered 10 credits, but I didn’t take it. The machine offered me 40 credits, and I didn’t take it. It offered me 20 credits the 3rd and 4th time. I had fun on that machine though.

  8. Fam Laurie K says:

    Very nice❤️😘😘😘

  9. Cari Lynn says:

    Woo! Great wins!

  10. vdg721 says:

    That 5 credit on Top Dollar was an insult. Tremendous delicious win on Dragon 🐉. ❤️ the Cosmopolitan!

  11. Susie Smith says:

    WHAT $1000!!! Beautiful site! See you kinda tricked us lol showing that $1130 Win I thought the next two games would be over that amount wins lol. Great Video!

  12. Claudia Irons says:

    Great success!! WIN WIN WIN!! Thank you for the video!!

  13. Tonka Tonk says:

    Any Americans on chat?

  14. Toula O. Filos says:

    Too many you tubers at Cosmo.🤔. how about a differebt casino? Try ARIA , 😁😁😁try those slots..😊

  15. Joseph Neale says:

    Awesome video

  16. Nancy Sipes says:

    I live in Maryland and the slots here suck. It seems the higher you bet you never hit a bonus, you drop you bet to a low number and bonuses come out more frequently. Makes no sense.

  17. Liz says:

    Very nice Brian, damn that dragon link fireball was awesome! 😁❤🍀

  18. Ryan Gawly says:

    Love the reaction to the $1,000. Yea…WOAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  19. michael tipton says:

    What a great hit!

  20. SLOT CHICK's HOT Slotting says:

    You can say it, JOYGASM or that’s what it sounded like…Lol!! Congrats, BC!!

  21. Amazing Playz says:

    Wow that 1K ball 😱

  22. manochka3 says:

    bien joué

  23. moises delgado says:

    Wow! Congratulations

  24. Pj Slots says:

    Nice little profit for this episode. But the Biggest Group Pull Jackpot Ever on your Channel is in 42 Days!!!!

  25. Brian Bender says:

    Congrats you definitely deserve it

  26. Penny Baroody says:

    I’ve never seen just a 5 on top dollar either. That’s rude! 😉

  27. Stay Positive says:

    Wow, that $1000 drop was sweeet!🌺🌸🌺
    Thanks BC!

  28. KENTUCKYGIRL says:


  29. deshon porter says:

    nice big bounis! that what I like to see! #rudiesforlife

  30. ralph didomonic says:

    yes and it counts,  I knew after a few uploads ur were going to hit something delicious. why? cause ur brian Christopher that’s why.  what a surprise hit that was for a grand ball to pop up so unexpectedly.   I got to get to the  casino one of these days.   not rude, ralph

  31. Slot Queen says:

    Holy $1000 fireball !!!!🔥🔥💥💥

  32. JREAL4343 says:


  33. Tim Anthony says:

    Hahahahaha! "Crapballs!"

  34. Art Solo says:

    Watch your vids. Inspired me to go try slots. Lots $500 straight and then won $1600.03 on the Major Jackpot. It was the game where a bonus happens and you select coins. Under each coin is an Asian baby representing a jackpot size. Not sure what it’s called

  35. Joanne Brown says:

    Davinci Machine, absolutely hopeless, has anyone ever won anything on the Davinci ?!

  36. Tina Lanning says:


  37. My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos says:

    A 200x+ on Dragon Link is AMAZING and Super Hard to do!!! Very Fun Video!

  38. Ida Nisler says:

    happy to see you in the green nice bonus

  39. Royal Phantomhive says:

    Going to vegas tomorrow for the week from texas what casinos are recommended?!

  40. SHAWANA LEE says:

    GREAT!!! WIN😁

  41. Joanne Brown says:

    Not here in Queensland, they have taken the Divinci machine out of the Casino. Everyone lost on it, no one understood it..!

  42. Robert Vorce says:

    I laughed so hard when it only showed "5 Credits" on that bonus round.    ** Humm.. lets see, what option do I select… TRY AGAIN?  LOL!   (Honestly I have never seen that slot only light up 5 credits.. that’s just weird.)   Thanks Brian!

  43. Paylines Slot Channel says:

    Fantastic collection of wins. Love jackpot vault.

  44. carol-ann garcia says:

    nice ending Brian

  45. Patty Hayes says:

    That’s crazy all your winnings.things have sure changed for you . congratulations.

  46. Lee MOKA says:

    Loved that $1000

  47. James Edmands says:

    Nice payday Brian #RUDIES

  48. Juan Bran says:

    OMG Brian C. You did it ✊💰

  49. Slot Traveler says:

    That 5 credit offer was funny! Dragon link more than made it up! Congrats!

  50. Georgette Beacham says:

    Awesome wins


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