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10:46, 09 January 2018

💋💲 $50/BET Double Leading Dollar Bets!! ✦ Higher LIMIT SLOTS ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

💋💲 $50/BET Double Prime Dollar Bets!! ✦ Higher LIMIT SLOTS ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

💋💲 $50/BET Double Prime Dollar Bets!! ✦ Higher LIMIT SLOTS ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

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💋💲 $50/BET Double Best Dollar Bets!! ✦ High LIMIT SLOTS ✦ Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Budget Gamblerz says:

    I can’t believe you rejected that offer….LOL…It worked out, but, oh my gosh the heart palpitations…LOL!!

  2. damianraver says:

    Wow…i wouldn’t have listened to her, smh.

  3. Sam Dougherty says:

    I love how drunk you are! You are too funny Brian !!! 😂😂😂

    “Isn’t it sexy Julie ?!” 😂😂

  4. Diggity D says:

    Drunk Brian cracks me up! Lol

  5. Alex Hilstro says:

    I sensed a little bit of brunkness on that last machine lol!!!

  6. Shaun Daniels says:

    You sound so drunk lol …. i was awful drunk for new years lol

  7. Susie Smith says:

    Top Dollar is sexy when it hits! I could hear slurring lol. Hi Julie!

  8. Slot Queen says:

    Very nice! Too expensive for me so it’s nice to live it thru you 😜

  9. Maxine Kelly says:

    Nice win!!!!!!!

  10. Slots N-Stuff says:

    Nice wins Congrats! Great video and thanks for sharing it! Thumbs Up!

  11. sunshine girl says:

    Thank you for the video but it seemed so short today???  Glad you got the top dollar hit back 🙂

  12. Claudia Irons says:

    Oh man I was hoping for you!! My fingers were crossed, my eyes, arms, legs!! Win win win!!

  13. Francisco Garcia says:

    To much talking, just play

  14. D Walt says:

    Congratulations Brian

  15. Brenda Stachowiak says:

    I love the Top Dollar!

  16. YNGDeuce2 says:

    Congratulations Brian…… OMG im dying! for some reason that was hilarious

  17. Windy City Frenzy says:

    Was so happy to see you get that $875 again.. 🔥🔥 was worried congratulations 😎👍🏽🎆🎸

  18. Katherine Rolando says:

    Have you ever played at Seneca Buffalo Creek when in the Buffalo area? That’s the closest of the 3 Seneca casino for me.  But I have lost my share of money at Niagara lol

  19. Joanna Deville says:

    Amazing Video Brian, Best of Luck and even more wins in 2018….

  20. The Slot Whisperer says:

    You sound white girl wasted in this!

  21. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    OMG.  How could you turn down that first offer!  For that matter, how could you make $25 spins!  You were darn lucky to get a second chance on that $875.  Go play something that doesn’t cost so much — or take that win and go home.

  22. nycborg says:

    When you pressed the congratulations Brian and that side screen opened up, you had to spin the little wheel on the bottom. I think you were able to win slot dollars.

  23. tdusnoki says:

    Tipsy, eh?

  24. Thelegend899 says:

    Thanks Brian… you are Deeeeelicious…..

  25. Alex Torres says:


  26. TheTylerjoy04 says:

    I don’t understand, Steve B. Says you have a better odds when you play higher denomination machines or much better pay outs?? But on the last machine you didn’t??

  27. Judith HAYES says:

    Seems like Seneca was good to you on this last trip. Come back soon.

  28. Leah Trim says:

    You are so funny when you gamble drunk lol

  29. Pauly Walnuts says:

    Fuckin boring dude, everytime you hit on a machine you cash out, like stick with a machine for once. God forbid you hit semi-decent on a Top Dollar. Thing was primed to hit again. Gotta rethink some of your filming strategies bud, No one wants to see one small clip of "Top Dollar" , they want a long clip of Top Dollar because that’s better than most of the off-brand machines you DO play. (And don’t say you don’t have the money for High Limit slots such as 25$ machines and 100$ machines, you just had 2 grand shoved in that machine)

    People want to see:

    Wheel of Fortune

    Top Dollar

    25$ and 100$ machines not penny and quarter slots 24/7

  30. Mrchrisdon says:

    B was Drunk lol great to see the proverbial hair let down m8′ well done on another great video

  31. Jeanne Salvador says:

    Loving the hi limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Yvonne Woodcock says:

    Congratulations, Brian….

  33. kevin papagorgio says:

    you might have a drinking problem

  34. KURI Slot says:

    Really fun & exciting video Brian ! Best luck in 2018 !!

  35. lynda mackrous says:

    Are you drunk? Lolol

  36. Matthew Acosta says:

    I’ll be in Vegas the 19th through 21st will you be gambling? I would love to be in one of your videos it’s my Bachelor /birthday weekend

  37. Dillinger Sam says:

    Please stay quite

  38. NorCal Slot Guy says:


  39. Martin Rudge says:

    So did they keep bringing drinks after you turned the camera off and what happened after that Ha! Ha!

  40. mesa45 says:

    To get 875 twice…wow ! You hesitated Soo much on the first 875 it was definitely meant for you to have 875. General rule of thumb "when in doubt cash it out"

  41. Jackie Sweetser says:

    Love that TOP DOLLAR!!!! Thanks for sharing. Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year
    to you!

  42. Juan Bran says:

    wwwooooww Brian Top dollar 50 😍😍😍
    8:28 one more time
    LoL 😂😂😂

  43. pao-pao a says:

    Don’t play that jungle game ever again… was hella rudeeeeeeee

  44. Mike hartjes says:

    That queen of the wilds was tight as tight

  45. Pj Slots says:

    On your Top Dollar bet, even the lowest win would have gotten your money back. 🙂 Nice win though.

  46. Leeebs says:

    New opening is great. Thanks for keeping it fresh! #FreeMarcoFromWork

  47. Rosemary Gibbs says:

    Oh my!!!!. On the $875. on the 1st offer I was screaming take it, take it, pls take it, because I know how you play. I’ve been trying to emulate you which I’ve been able to. You were just lucky it came back again. I know it was Julie’s call. Fun, fun, fun!!!!.

  48. Josh f says:

    325.. it was actually 425

  49. Stay Positive says:

    Top Dollar! YESSSSS!!🎉🎉🎉

  50. akung94602 says:

    I love Top Dollar and Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, I don’t like those new electronic digital format slot machines. I’m more old school.


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